Online complaints

Warm tip: for handling inquiries orders, returns application, online complaints, open invoices, bind the user mobile phone / e-mail the following five self-service, simply click on the appropriate button.

1 order query

2 The application of return

3 online complaints

4 fill the invoice

5 bound user mobile phone / mailbox

How to apply for online complaints

1) shopErp provides online complaints service for you, after login entered my account - self-service - online complaints click I want a complaint ".

2) fill in the contents of the complaint, the type of complaint, there is a picture to upload, please click on select pictures ".

3) click "submit my complaint".

How to query the complaint state

1, landing "my shopErp - online complaints - my complaint records".

2, click tracking complaints ".

3. After the completion of the problem, please evaluate the satisfaction of the service.

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