Common problems of return and protocol

Common reasons for return

(a) the quality of the goods or the problem of the packing, the customer return, the shop receipt department then back to the supplier;

(b) inventory is too large or unsalable goods, stores can not digest, returned to the supplier;

(c) the goods are not to the shelf life, that has been spoiled or damaged.

Return agreements

Party A (buyer):

Return protocol

Party A (buyer):


Zip code:


Legal representative:

Party B (the seller):


Zip code:


Legal representative:

The first   cargo description

Name of goods

Specification type unit quantity unit price amount rate tax rate

The total   ad valorem tax: (uppercase) (lowercase)

Second reasons for the return of goods

Party B delayed delivery, and the material does not comply with the order, failed to ensure the smooth use of Party A.

Third responsibilities of both parties

(a) party a responsibility: return the goods according to the contract.

(two) Party B responsibility: refund prepaid payment.

If not matter, otherwise agreed by both parties.

The fourth entry into force, the suspension and the end of the agreement

(a) this Agreement shall be valid after the signature of both parties, the date of the effective date of the commencement of the date of the signature or seal of the parties hereto shall prevail;

(two) deal to date, the end of this agreement.

Fifth dispute resolution

Where any dispute arising from the execution of this agreement or any dispute relating to this Agreement shall be settled through friendly consultation, such as if the agreement of the two parties shall not reach an agreement and submit the arbitration institution.


Both units provided by the agreement and return the contents of the supplied information is true, complete and accurate, and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

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