The principle of return

1. commodity sign:

ShopErp the sale of goods are genuine. To protect your rights and interests, the receipt of goods please and delivery personnel to check the goods appearance, type, quantity, specifications, gifts, the amount of is consistent with the order, the confirmation after receipt, the objections of the above exist, please reject the spot commodity. In special circumstances, you entrust others to sign on as I have your behavior for goods receipt. After you sign the product, shopErp will no longer accept the complaints of the above questions. Thank you for your cooperation.!

2.7 days no reason to return service:

ShopErp for all customers to provide "7 days no reason to return" service. Customer receipt of goods within 7 days (to express logistics company on a single customer the time of receipt), such as the goods and packaging to keep shipping mall of the status quo and accessories complete, the mall will provide the return of service (special commodity does not participate in the "7 days no reason to return" service).

3. special commodity and service terms

A, cosmetics, washing supplies, skin care products and other personal care products

1) to buy cosmetics, washing products, skin care products and other personal care products please on the spot inspection, if the goods are damaged packaging, lack and seepage problems, customers can on the spot to reject the goods and in the delivery of documents indicate the reason for rejection.

2) cosmetics, washing products, skin care products and other personal care products, such as no quality problems, can not be returned.

3) because of the shelf life of the product is about to expire, such as reason and clearance sales of goods, not to return (quality problems except), shopErp will in the merchandise page marked goods, such goods, customers are advised to buy with caution.

4) the quality of the goods customers doubt, return requirements, please provide written identification issued by the local quality inspection departments. If the product quality problems do exist, shopErp will provide return service.

B, alcohol, food products

1) to ensure food safety, please customers in receipt of such goods carefully check, acceptance on the spot. The customer may reject the goods on the spot and reject the reasons for the rejection of the goods on the express delivery documents if the goods are in the presence of the outer packing damage, lack of deterioration and other issues..

2) alcohol. Food products, such as no quality problems, can not be returned.

3) the legal food inspection institutions, it belongs to the food safety standards of food, to return.

4) on the quality problems of national quality supervision and inspection and quarantine notice food, to return.

4.shopErp strictly follow the national "three packs of" regulations, for the sale of goods to fulfill the obligation to return and exchange. Meet the following conditions, since the date of sale (to express logistics company on a single customer the time of receipt), can be returned within 7 days, 15 days can be a replacement, customers can contact the customer service center for returned goods matters:

1) the goods are not the quality problems stipulated by the national "three packs" regulations.

2) the commodity packaging intact, commodity and standard accessories, gifts (such as when to buy gifts), manual, warranty voucher, invoice are complete.

3) if a portion of the goods quality problems in complete sets of goods (including gifts), in the handling of returned goods must be to provide complete sets of goods and ensure gift packaging is intact and not use, such as loss or damage cannot handle the return.

5.shipping instructions:

1) "7 no reason to return" caused by the logistics costs, borne by the customer;

2) shopErp causes return / replacement (such as: hair wrong goods, commodity quality reasons etc.), logistics costs borne by the shopErp, please contact customer service distribution personnel arrange door-to-door service. All the expenses generated by the customer contact logistics distribution are borne by the customers themselves..

6.the shopErp does not provide return service:

1) any non commodity (commodity bar code) which is not sold by shopErp;

2) valid for more than three packs of "Regulations" provisions of the state in return;

3) the goods have been used (except for quality problems) or worn for normal use;

4) the commodity packaging is incomplete or corrupted, standard accessories, gifts (such as buying a gift) or specification is not complete, warranty certificate and invoice any missing or altered, physical commodity types or bar code and commodity warranty certificate does not match;

5) without tearing up or alter the commodity label, barcode, anti-counterfeiting mark;

6) the quality of goods caused by unauthorized negligence, misuse, abuse, disassembly, collision, accident, alteration, alteration and incorrect installation or custody of the goods;

7) the quality of the goods caused by the non - manufacturer or authorized service points for the maintenance of the goods;

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